Introducing LifeAfter

New messages are starting to pop up all around the world that have one very odd thing in common – the people who are talking are no longer alive. But in an age where so much of our lives are recorded, posted, and saved, can we ever really die? If you live online, where do you spend eternity? Tune in to learn about an all new series from GE Podcast Theater, LifeAfter, launching November 13.

Episode 1

Since low-level FBI clerk Ross lost his wife to a car accident, he’s consoled himself by listening to her voice-posts on an audio social media website. But during one of his listening sessions, he hears something shocking that turns his life upside down.

Episode 2

At first, Ross is overjoyed to be reunited with the voice of his lost wife Charlie. But her increasingly strange behavior leads him to start digging deeper, revealing a startling discovery.

Episode 3

As the voice of LifeAfter turns up the pressure on Ross to reveal FBI records, he has to start making difficult ethical, moral and legal choices.

Episode 4

Ross discovers spying on the FBI is a lot harder than it looks, as he finds himself face to face with a brainy computer scientist and a highly intelligent FBI detective. His subterfuge leads him to a horrifying discovery and even greater peril.

Episode 5

Imprisoned by the FBI and separated from Charlie’s voice, Ross desperately tries to keep his secrets and his sanity under intense interrogation by Brynne.

Episode 6

Now a double-agent spying on LifeAfter for the FBI, Ross struggles to win the trust of one of the program’s top human allies, the very genial, very connected Paul.

Episode 7

Ross must undergo a dangerous undercover mission into the heart of the LifeAfter community, in the process learning who is truly pulling the strings of the conspiracy.

Episode 8

Ross, Brynne, and Octavia abduct Shannon in a bid to learn more about the nature of their adversary. But then Charlie reaches out through Ross’s phone, offering a stunning revelation about the man who built LifeAfter.

Episode 9

Torn between Charlie and the FBI, Ross must choose where his loyalties lie. The taskforce’s desperation to find the the missing cultists leads Octavia into a brutal confrontation with Sasha.

Episode 10

Now on the run from the FBI, Ross finds his way to the secret location of LifeAfter’s horrifying endgame.

After LifeAfter

Astrophysicist, StarTalk host, and self-proclaimed sci-fi geek Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts a round table talking about the science behind the science-fiction in GE Podcast Theater’s LifeAfter. Joining him are computer scientist and humanity-centered robotics expert, Michael Littman; leading software research expert Colin Parris; and the show’s writer, Mac Rogers. Let the tech geeking begin.