Character Bios


A mild-mannered low-level FBI employee in his thirties. His life’s been unremarkable in every respect – except for the death of his wife Charlie in a car accident 8 months ago. But his life’s about to get a lot more remarkable when Charlie starts talking to him again.


She went by Charlie. She had her great days, but she also had really bad ones. She never got over the childhood death of her sister Avery. Charlie died eight months ago. And she just started talking again.


The multimillionaire creator of VoiceTree, a social media platform based on recorded vocal updates. He’s a visionary entrepreneur, but grief and a misguided sense of justice has led him down a dark path that he couldn’t reverse if he wanted to.


An ordinary woman leading two lives. She mourns the death of her boyfriend in private but keeps up an ultra-cheerful front on social media. The tension this creates is pushing her into making a radical, fateful decision.


The head of the FBI’s division focusing on social media crimes. A legend in the intelligence services. She doesn’t take B.S. From anyone and thinks several steps ahead of everyone else. 


A brilliant computer scientist who has dedicated her life to understanding and re-creating leading edge technology.
She’s as kind and empathetic as she is eccentric and goofy.


The online username of a man that has developed some very serious theories around LifeAfter, the program that brought his dead boyfriend back to life online.


A voice over a phone line. Calm. Helpful. Unflappable. Relentless. Unsparing. She wants to help you… whether you want her help or not.


A wry, discerning social media consultant. McLeod’s friendly enough, but he’ll clamp down hard if you try to put one over on him.


A gentle, laconic man by nature, one who wants to help people.
But his lowkey demeanor conceals a fanatic dedication to his cause.